Advanced Ultrasound Probe Interface

Enhance your ultrasound imaging experience with SOO-NAH GelPad, the ultimate solution designed by experienced medical imaging professionals.

Revolutionize Your Ultrasound Experience

SOO-NAH GelPad ensures optimal performance and reliability, addressing the frustrations encountered with traditional standoff gel pads.

Key Features:

  • Conformal Contact: Maintains seamless contact with tissues, ensuring accurate imaging.
  • Lossless Acoustic Transmission: Facilitates pristine acoustic transmission for high-quality imaging results.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for diverse tissue types and medical disciplines, enhancing diagnostic capabilities across the board.
  • Flexibility and Hypoallergenic: Crafted with flexibility and hypoallergenic properties, prioritizing patient comfort and safety.

Gel Properties:

  • Premium Quality: Made from non-sterile, medical-grade polymer mineral oil gel, ensuring reliability and safety.
  • Latex-Free: Ensures compatibility with all patients, even those with latex sensitivities.

Elevate your ultrasound imaging with SOO-NAH GelPad, the superior choice for medical professionals seeking precision, reliability, and patient comfort.

HYGIENA - ATP Testing - Rapid Hygiene Monitoring

ATP Testing

Diagnose and monitor hygiene across your healthcare facility.

The SystemSURE Plus and the latest EnsureTOUCH are the world's best selling ATP Testing systems. From it's compact design and easy-to-use software, the SystemSURE plus is trusted to monitor sanitation and hygiene by manufacturers and facilities in numerous industries.

  • Advanced photodiode sensor offers superior stability, stays in calibration
  • Provides accurate, real-time results in 15 seconds
  • Calibration self-check at start up with optional full diagnostic check mode
  • Complimentary SureTrend Data Analysis Software
  • AA Battery operated, no charging necessary
  • Range of industry leading swabs and accessories to suit all application

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