What is Ultrasound Gel and why do we need it?

The ultrasounds, which give you a chance to see your unborn child growing inside of you, are some of the most thrilling times of any pregnancy! But why on earth do we have to feel icy, sticky, and gooey every time we get an ultrasound? By rubbing the freezing gel on our skin before the process, sonographers aren't torturing us; in fact, it's vital to get the finest ultrasonic scan results.

But Why Do We Need It?  

To understand the answer to this question we have to understand that a link between the skin and the ultrasound transducer is made possible by the conductive ultrasound gel. The gel keeps any extra air space between the probe and your skin to ensure a clean image of the foetus because the ultrasound sound waves have trouble travelling through air. This is why mothers are also asked to come to their ultrasound with a full bladder in early pregnancy. The tech will be able to clearly see your baby thanks to your full bladder and the ultrasound gel acting as a coupling agent.

What Exactly Is This Stuff? 

The next time you cringe as soon as the gel hits your skin, remember that more gel offers better outcomes! The gel is made to lessen static overall and is made of water and propylene glycol. Many people have noted that the gel has a tendency to be thick and sticky, but this is necessary so that it won't drip off your skin when the sonographer is using the ultrasound.

Why Does It Have To Be So Cold?

The most frequent criticism of ultrasound gel is not its stickiness, but rather its coldness. By employing a gel warmer before the surgery, this is simply avoided. Ask the sonographer to warm up the gel the next time you get an ultrasound. Ultrasound gels come in a wide range of variations, including hypoallergenic ones.

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