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Cutting through the dirt on disinfectants

Cutting through  the dirt on disinfectants

How to make the best decision for your environment — through COVID-19 and beyond

During these challenging times, there has been a lot happening in the world of infection control and that has brought out the good and the bad in our society.

This has included the good in reputable companies that continue to provide quality products and advice for many years and the bad in those that sprang out for the opportunity to profit from an unfortunate situation.

We have all heard the stories of being bombarded with marketing material. It has been a difficult task to sift through all of the information and make sure you are making the right choices for you and the environment you work in. Promises of natural ingredients and long-lasting effects well beyond what would be normal protocol for environmental cleaning are among those and, sadly, sometimes the promises do not deliver the results you need.

While most people who work in a healthcare environment are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding claims made on products and advertising, there are many people who are not as well versed.

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