610-840 Latex-Free CIV-Flex™ TEE Covers & Bite Blocks

610-840 Latex-Free CIV-Flex™ TEE Covers & Bite Blocks
Product Code: 610-840
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  • INCLUDES: Non-sterile 4.6cm tapered to 2.5cm x 122cm CIV-Flex cover on applicator, gel-filled syringe and bite block (12)
  • Latex-free transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) covers
  • Feature a custom tapered design to provide a tighter fit to adult, small adult and pediatric TEE transducers. 
  • Provide a protective shield for transducers to assist in the defence against cross-contamination. 
  • The form-fitting covers are preloaded on the applicator for ease of application to TEE transducers. 
  • Bite blocks provide a safe passage through the patient’s mouth. 
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