610-1608-10 eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking System - 16GA

610-1608-10 eTRAX Needle Tip Tracking System - 16GA
Product Code: 610-1608-10
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  • INCLUDES: Sterile eTRAX needle, 16GA x 8cm with 7.6cm tapered to 3.8cm x 147cm CIV-Flex needle covers (10)
  • For use with Esaote MyLabTwice, GE Healthcare LOGIQ E9 and LOGIQ E9 XDclear, Siemens ACUSON S3000 and Ultrasonix SONIXTOUCH ultrasound systems
  • Offers the next advancement in image guidance by tracking the tip of a needle using electromagnetic technology and real-time navigation in the interventional suite.
  • Allows physicians safe and accurate placement of instruments during each procedure by monitoring the real-time trajectory of the needle as it advances through delicate anatomy to the center of a target such as a tumor, cyst or polyp.
  • When integrated with visualization tools, eTRAX enables accurate percutaneous targeting of lesions without radiation or open surgery.
  • This proprietary two-part coaxial system consists of a reusable non-sterile needle handle with a .9mm sensor in the distal tip and a sterile disposable needle with a trocar tip. A sterile CIV-Flex cover is used to easily cover the reusable handle prior to insertion into the disposable needle and sheath. The cover ensures sterility once the needle handles are locked in position. This device allows physicians simultaneous tracking of the tip of the needle and the scan plane, allowing clinicians to visualize the necessary patient anatomy as well as the position of the needle tip in real-time.
  • Provides needle orientation on pre-procedure, intra-procedure and fused images. Using coaxial technique, eTRAX is ideal for ablations, or in small lesions in regions that are deep or difficult to access. The system offers physicians a dynamic anatomical roadmap, allowing access to previously difficult locations in the body.
  • The needle handle offers ergonomic positioning finger grips for easy in handling during complex procedures.
  • Offers a reinforced extended length cable of 2.5m (8.5’) for expanded flexibility in positioning in the clinical environment. The durable sensor is part of a Class CF device. The device may be cleaned or disinfected according to instructions for use. The needle currently accepts 18GA or smaller instruments. The product offers a 1-year warranty.   
  • Note: eTRAX sheath is conductive and does not provide insulation. Use of ablation electrodes without an insulated cannula may result in serious injury to the patient and/or use. To ensure safe and effective use, follow the manufacturer's directions and recommended practices.
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