Infection Control - Accessories

Infection Control - Accessories

Offering a range of infection control accessories including;

  • Bio-Misting/Spraying Machines - used in conjunction with our Steri-7 - S-7XTRA range to cover large areas.
  • WARNING: Bio-Misting machines/Sprayers should not be used with products that contain Alcohol, Chlorine or Hydrogen Peroxide. These can cause serious health concerns and damage.
  • We recommend using S-7XTRA from Steri-7 - This product has passed testing as a spray and aerosol - see Infection control products
  • Storage Cabinets - for Ultrasound Probes. The right way to store probes and stay compliant. An invaluable investment for your facility.
  • Soaking Systems - used in conjunction with high level disinfectants for intra and endo cavity probes.

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610-1323 TEE Probe Cabinet
TEE Probe Cabinet; Holds up to 3 probes. Safe & Clean Storage for Disinfected Ultrasound Probes..
610-1327 General Purpose & Endocavity Probe Cabinet
General Purpose and Endocavity Probe Cabinet; Holds up to 6 probes. Safe & Clean Storage for Di..
BURE Portable Bio-Misting/Spraying Machine
INCLUDES: BURE Bio-Misting/Spraying Machine  Ultrafine particle sprayer for use with disinfect..
MOO-GUN H ULV Bio-Misting/Spraying Machine
INCLUDES: MOO-GUN H ULV  Bio-Misting/Spraying Machine Ultra Low Volume particle sprayer for us..
610-1328 Replacement HEPA Filter
Storage Cabinet replacement HEPA Filter Safe & Clean Storage for Disinfected Ultrasound Probes ..
610-584 - Soaking System for Endocavity Transducers
INCLUDES: Starter kit with bracket, polyethylene cup, lid, smaller white-funnel, larger-blue funne..
610-585 Soaking System Replacement Kit
INCLUDES: Replacement kit with cup, lid, smaller-white funnel (3) and larger-blue funnel (3) Ligh..
AEHRDISP - Hand Rub Dispenser Wall Mounted
Hands Free Hand Rub Dispenser Battery Operated Foam adapter suited to S-7XTRA Hand Rub Wall mou..
AEHRSTAND - Hand Rub Dispenser Stand
Stand for hand Rub Dispenser Stand alone - can be placed where needed Works with AEHRDISP - Hand..
AENDW45 - Anaeron Neutral Detergent Wipes Pack of 45
Anaeron Neutral Detergent Wipes Pack of 45 wipes 29 x 20cm Use for general cleaning to remove or..

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