Latest most advanced ATP Testing Technology from Hygiena

Latest most advanced ATP Testing Technology from Hygiena

Hygiena’s EnSURE Touch offers the simplicity of smart phones with the high performance of the World’s best performing AOAC approved ATP rapid hygiene swab.

 The Hygiena Touch system gives real time hygiene results, allowing cleaning failures to identified and actioned immediately. It automatically records the results plus actions of for any hygiene failures, seamlessly downloading them by Wi-Fi to your Cloud Trend Analysis software, SURE Trend, while you are still in the factory.

On screen reports can be viewed before you get back to your office, giving added insight to what is happening in your facility.

With EnSURE Touch you can: -

  • Read tests in as little 2 finger touches
  • Pre-program ATP testing for specific times and locations
  • Test plans can be randomised, including specifying must do test points
  • Test plans can also be set to quota, ensuring a minimum number of tests are done
  • Users can be given pin codes to log in
  • Choice of Admin or Operator users
  • Simple search by name, gives fast access to test plans
  • Add, edit, delete users, test points and plans directly on the screen
  • Retests are marked as simply as swiping the screen
  • Remote access via internet for training and trouble shooting
  • Results from multiple sites can be pooled allowing bench marking
  • All stakeholders can view the results remotely

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