Getting to know your disinfectants

Getting to know your disinfectants

In the marketplace today, there are many types of disinfectants available. Whilst many are similar in what they offer, they do have some differences and it is important to choose the products that best meet your needs. It is important to check their ARTG listing which verifies what they can claim and the MSDS to ensure suitability to your environment. Another factor to consider is the different formats the products come in to ensure that you are minimising cross-over of products which can reduce their effectiveness. Always check required kill times, whether they work in dirty conditions and dilutions as these may vary greatly from product to product.

Below is a chart demonstrating the different types of products available.

Product Comparison table

Keeping it simple

Simplify your training as well as your protocols, S-7XTRA provides you with the best all-around and lasting protection against pathogens and is friendly and easy to use.

Working in dirty conditions and not requiring wet contact times, it simplifies your training and saves on time with added protection in between cleaning cycles. It comes in varying formats to ensure continuity and to maximise efficacy. Concentrates provide flexibility and are amazingly simple to dilute and when diluted make the product very economical. Ready to use solutions give certainty of use and come in various sizes and wipes come in canisters and soft packs — two formats to suit all applications.

Our solutions are proudly made in Australia.

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