Ultrasound Covers by PCU



We are delighted to offer an extensive range of disposable protective ultrasound transducer covers by PCU.  

PCU values quality and customer satisfaction and provides protective medical covers which are certified to the highest standard.  

  • Offers great value for money, more covers per box
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for various applications
  • Available in latex and latex free
  • Available in sterile and non-sterile versions
  • All coversare powder free 
  • The covers are 50 microns (ASUM/ASA Bodies recommend at least 38 microns), making PCU some of the thickest on the market without compromising on image quality. 

Latex free

These high quality polyurethane covers come in various shapes and sizes, long enough to protect the transducer and cable.

Easy to apply telescopically or flat folded depending on the application.

Each probe cover kit is packaged with 2 fixation strips, 2 elastic bands,    

1 pack of 20ml ultrasound gel. 


The latex covers are packed with a band, no gel, sterile and non-sterile versions are available along with various sizes and lengths to suit various transducer used.

Gynaecology & Urology

For use during Endocavity ultrasound examinations. The distribution and transmission of the sound waves is perfectly guaranteed by a thin, but very tear-resistant material texture.

Because of the precise fit, the ultrasound gel will spread evenly over the transducer, without running along the cable. These covers are available Latex and Latex free, straight or tapered shape and sterile or non-sterile  versions. 

Tell us what you’re currently using and we will find a cover to suit


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