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Soaking System for Endocavity Transducers

  • Soaking System for Endocavity Transducers
  • INCLUDES: Starter kit with bracket, polyethylene cup, lid, smaller white funnel, larger-blue funnel, and mounting hardware
  • The lightweight soaking cup provides a safe and efficient soaking system for transvaginal and transrectal ultrasound transducers. 
  • The contoured funnel prevents transducers from hitting the bottom of the cup, saving costly damage to the lens of the transducer. 
  • When not in use, the lid is provided to prevent unpleasant fumes and evaporation of disinfectant or sterilizing solutions. 
  • The cup is recommended for use with glutaraldehyde cold chemical disinfecting/sterilizing solutions
  • It is recommended the cup, lid and funnels are replaced when the disinfectant expires. Replacement cups, lids and funnels are sold separately.
  • Product Code: 610-584
  • Availability: In Stock

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